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The new Green Homes Grant Scheme by the UK Government

The introduction of the new Green Homes Grant Scheme by the UK Government in July 2020 has attracted the interests of almost all UK homeowners. The scheme has been introduced in favour of all homeowners in Wales and England to encourage energy efficiency. And it is supposed to run till March 2021.

To know more about the UK Green Homes Grant Scheme, you may want to read on.

What is Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Green Homes Grant Scheme is a £2bn worth improvement project. It is part of the wider £3bn plan of the UK’s government to cut down carbon emissions. The scheme aims to enable landlords and homeowners to improve residential properties and homes to make them more energy-efficient.

The scheme provides grants (£10,000 maximum) to landlords and homeowners in the form of vouchers. They can use the grant for various works such as insulation, double glazing, or installing more energy-saving features to reduce energy consumption.

According to the UK Treasury, the Green Homes Grant Scheme can help families save up to £200 annually.

Green Homes Grant Scheme Offers

As of now, the Green Homes Grant Scheme’s benefits fall into two broad categories – primary and secondary measures. Here is a list of all the energy-saving home improvements that the vouchers will cover:

Primary category

  • Solid wall, cavity wall, under-floor, roof insulation, flat roof, or loft,
  • Solar thermal
  • Ground or air heat pumps

Secondary category

  • Double glazing, secondary glazing, and triple glazing
  • Hot water tank/ heating controls/ tank thermostats, thermostatic radiator, smart heating or zone controls
  • Upgrading doors to energy-efficient alternatives (replacement of doors fitted before 2002)
  • Draught proofing

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How to apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Both landlords and private homeowners can apply for the grant. However, the scheme doesn’t cover both new domestic and non-domestic properties.

To apply for the Green Homes Grant Scheme, homeowners or landlords will have to apply an online application mentioning the various energy-saving measures and works they want to aim at.

All the measures fall under two broad categories – primary and secondary measures (as mentioned above). A homeowner needs to mention at least one measure from the inventory of primary measures to obtain the grant.

After submitting your application, one of the local suppliers will issue a quote after receiving and approving your application. Then, the government will issue the grant.

For more information and support regarding the Green Homes Grant Scheme, homeowners can always contact the Simple Energy Advice (SEA) service department.

Is the Green Homes Grant Scheme Available now?

The Green Homes Grant Scheme will officially start its operations in September 2020. Application for obtaining the grant will be made available from September onwards. However, the official start date has not been announced. Any eligible homeowner can obtain the grant  until March 2021.

Note that applications will be open only from September 2020, and no homeowners can sign up before the official date.

Benefits of the Scheme

Eligible landlords and homeowners should obtain the grant and make the maximum use of it. As the scheme helps homeowners improve the quality of their properties, it will benefit both the owners and tenants.

Installing energy-saving systems and insulating homes will lead to a reduction in energy consumption. This means that people can now enjoy lower energy bills. Additionally, reduced usage of energy also benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

The Green Homes Grant Scheme seeks to reduce energy bills and generate more employment opportunities in the country as “green jobs.”


The Green Homes Grant Scheme is a great opportunity for UK homeowners to refurbish their properties and work towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient world. Thus, all eligible homeowners should grab this chance and improve the overall quality of living by carrying out various energy-saving home improvements.

However, one should also be careful of the fact that after the scheme’s announcement, there were several reported scams and frauds with similar claims as the Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Thus, be cautious and safe at all times. Remember, the official operations of the scheme will start only in September 2020. So, make sure not to apply for anything on any site until the UK government releases the official start date.

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