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How to improve sound-absorption on your roof

As housing designs grow more and more diverse, the variety of roofing systems is also increasing. One roof design is the double-skinned roofing profile. And there’s a good reason why the double-skinned design is a popular option among other options. It creates a structural ventilation system even by design. With a natural insulated design, they can enable you to save more energy and power too.

Problems with Double skinned Roof profiles

However, there are other disadvantages you may face with this roof design. One potential problem with the double-skinned design is the excess space between the two layers of skin. Whenever the roof generates a sound, the gap between the skins can cause the roof profile to vibrate more. This means there is more noise than usual. Now, if you live in an area that is prone to both airborne and impact noises, this can be a big problem.


The good news here is that you can fix this issue with the right product. Installing an acoustic roof slab will connect the two skins structurally, making it more stable.  But more importantly, it will reduce the vibration and transmission of sound altogether.


Choosing the right product for your roof slab can be confusing sometimes. It requires a basic understanding of roof construction and access to the right knowledge. Fortunately, here at Mayplas, we are happy to share both our products and our knowledge resources with you. With over four decades of experience in the industry, we have fine-tuned our expertise and approach in these products.

How to choose an Acoustic Roof Slab

When it comes to acoustic roof slabs, there are various shapes, designs, and materials. The product you choose should depend on the type and design of your roofing structure too. But generally, here are the basic parameters you should check while getting a slab:

  • Check the product specifications to make sure that it has high sound-reduction properties. A roof slab that cannot reduce excess sound will not be worth the purchase.
  • Check to see if the manufacturer offers the roof slab in different sizes. The roof design can vary from home to home. You want a product that fits your plan properly. The best roof slabs come with a tissue-face finish. They give the slab better texture and stability.
  • Check and see if the slab offers fire-resistant qualities. Roof cavities can be dangerous if smoke and flames are allowed to pass.


The Ideal Product: Acoustic Roof Slab 572

The Acoustic Roof Slab 572 is one of the best performers in the roof slab series made by Mayplas. It works especially well with double-skinned roof profiles because of its material and dedicated design.

The 572 is a result of decades of experience in the insulation and sound-proofing industry. It is composed of materials that work together to reduce both vibration and transmission of sound. It fits perfectly between the roof profiles and absorbs both airborne and impact sounds.


Our Acoustic Roof Slab 572 comes in a variety of sizes to fit diverse roofing needs. We understand that roofing profiles can change depending on your taste and preference. That’s why Mayplas ensures that there is an appropriate size for every roofing plan out there.


These roof slabs are available in two distinct finishes. One is the white tissue face, and the other is the black tissue face. Depending on your choice, you can make the slab color stand out or subtly match it with the roof’s color.


One of the best qualities of the Acoustic Roof Slab 572 is its fire-resistant composition.  It has a lower thermal conductivity compared to most of the other products in the market. This ensures that it prevents both heat and flames from spreading easily across the structure.

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Benefits of the Acoustic Roof Slab 572

  • It is an exceptionally adaptable and versatile roof slab. Mayplas ensures that the Acoustic Roof Slab 572 comes in different sizes to fit well in various structures.
  • The slab consists of highly efficient rock-fiber material. This material is specially engineered to absorb sound and prevent the transmission of excess noise.
  • The dual-color option allows you to pick your preference in tissue face. This adds aesthetic value to an already exceptional product.
  • The Acoustic Roof Slab 572 has been graded a Class 0 under fire-resistance. Class 0 materials are known for low combustion potential and heat-resistant attributes. It’s an ideal product for high-risk zones.

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