Sound Deadening Foam SD5

Sound Deadening Foam SD5

Sound Deadening Foam SD5 is designed for use as a resilient layer under screeds.

The foam is a polyethylene based isolating layer that is typically suited to under screed applications to reduce impact sound transmission through the floor structure.

Sound Deadening Foam SD5 complies with Robust Detail E-FC-8 as a suitable isolating layer.

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  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Roll Width: 1500mm (for less jointing)
  • Roll Length: 75m
  • Roll Area: 112.5m2
  • Roll Diameter: 700mm
  • Helps reduce impact sound

Product Performance



When including Sound Deadening Foam SD5 within a Robust Detail registered construction it is imperative both the system design meets with full scope of Robust Detail requirements and that installation includes all necessary component parts of the system.

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