Tissue Faced Acoustic Roof Slab 571

Tissue Faced Acoustic Roof Slab 571

Acoustic Roof Slab 571 is designed for use in double skinned metal roofing systems to enhance sound absorption performance.

The Roof Slab consists of a black or white tissue faced rockfibre slab which is manufactured in a variety of densities. The tissue facing helps to avoid the slab edges from showing as shadows through the perforated inner sheet and assists in preventing fibre migration.

Acoustic Roof Slab 571 works in two ways to reduce noise, either by absorption of sound at the surface or inhibiting its transmission.

The structure of Rockfibre makes it an ideal sound absorber. The absorption coefficient achieved will vary according to thickness, density of slab and application.

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  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Tissue faced for visual effect
  • Suits all manufacturers’ systems
  • Easy to install

Acoustic Roof Slab

Supplied in thicknesses and densities determined by the roofing manufacturer’s acoustic performance requirements.

Rockfibre Slab

Thickness: As specified (typically 30mm)

Slab Size: Standard 600mm x 1200mm for overlaying or as required for laying within profile.

Product Performance

Roof Slab

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