H & V Lamella Roll 631

H & V Lamella Roll 631

H & V Lamella Roll 631 is designed for installation around heating and ventilation duct applications or vessels across both process and HVAC markets.

H & V Lamella Roll 631 is designed to be used as thermal and acoustic insulation for H & V Pipes, Ducts and Vessels.

Rockfibre in lamella form offers a higher level of compressive strength than standard insulation and gives integrity of thickness, particularly around corners of rectangular units. The foil provides a high efficiency vapour barrier.

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  • Excellent insulation performance
  • High efficiency vapour barrier
  • Easy to handle and install

Roll Dimensions:

  • 25mm x 1200mm x 10.00m (12.00m2)
  • 30mm x 1200mm x 8.00m (9.60m2)
  • 40mm x 1200mm x 6.00m (7.20m2)
  • 50mm x 1200mm x 5.00m (6.00m2)
  • 60mm x 1200mm x 4.00m (4.80m2)
  • 80mm x 1200mm x 3.00m (3.60m2)

Other sizes and densities are available

Product Performance



Lamella Roll 631 is wrapped around pipes, ducts or vessels and closely butted together with all joints sealed with Bright Class ‘O’ foil tape.

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