Insulated DPC

Mayplas Insulated DPC is an insulated cavity closer, which in combination with a return block, is designed to close the cavity around the reveals of doors and windows. It is compress fitted between the return block and the outer skin of the brickwork

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Closes the cavity around window and door reveals.

Features and Benefits

• Prevents cold bridging
• Insulated with polyethylene foam
• Conforms to BRE guildelines for thermal insulation


Mayplas insulated DPCs consist of an insulation bonded to a strip of a polymeric DPC. The DPC strip overlaps the insulation at both edges to allow for the extension of the DPC into the window or door and cavity.

Its thermal properties are derived from polyethylene foam and the DPC prevents the ingress of moisture.

Technical Information

Size 1Size 2
FoamWidth (mm)100140
Thickness (mm)1515
DPCWidth (mm)165225
Thickness (mm)1.21.2
ProductLength (m)1010

FoamValue Test Method
Reaction to Fire ClassificationEEN 13501-1
Short term water absorptionWS 01 0.05 < Wp= 0.1 kg/m2EN 1609
Water vapour diffusion resistance 8000m (Sd)EN 10456
Thermal conductivity0.039 W/MkEN 12667
Maximum service temperature90oCEN 14706

DPCValue Test Method
Thickness150 Gauge-