MP974 SD10 - Sound Deadening Foam

Technical Data Sheet

Physical PropertyValue insulationUnitinsulationTest Method
Roll Width1200mm-
Roll Length50m-
Roll Area60m2-
Nominal Density30Kg/m3ASTM D3575-08 Suffix W
Water Absorption<3Volume %-
Compressive Strength
- 25% (4th Compression)
- 50% (4th Compression)
- 70% (4th Compression)
KPaISO 3386-1
DIN 53577
Compressive Creep (1.25 psi – 8.75 kg/dm2)
- 1 hour
- 24 hour
- 168 hour
%ASTM D3575-08
Thermal Stability<2%ASTM D3575-08 Suffix S
Tensile Strength @ peak (MD/CD)300/200KpaASTM D3575-08 Suffix T
Tensile Elongation (MD/CD)70 / 65%ASTM D3575-08 Suffix T
Cell Size≥ 26Cells/25mmBS 443-1
Thermal Conductivity0.055W/mKASTM C-177
CFC freeYes--
HCFC freeYes--
NOTE: the data presented in the table above is for un-fabricated foam product. Whilst values shown are typical of this product they should not be construed as specification for supply purposes.

MP974 SD10 Installation:
If there are any doubts about the cleanliness or level of the structural concrete base a self-levelling screed must be applied to prevent the SD foam from being punctured. SD foam should be carefully butt jointed or overlapped by at least 100mm along its edges. SD foam should be turned up at all perimeter walls. SD foam should be detailed at skirting boards and door / floor frames. All joints must be taped.

Use: As a resilient layer under cement sands screed in floor type 2 construction (concrete base with floating layer)

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